The history of Ensure International Insurance Broker

Ensure is insurance with an international perspective and the straight way to the most optimised insurance solutions for your company.

We have a global mindset and the awareness that the modern insurance broker industry is intensely internationalised. We changed our name to Ensure with effective date May 1st 2013. As a result of our desire to strengthen and improve our close cooperation with WBN. This network enables us to serve Danish companies in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Ensure’s background goes back to 1999 where the company dahlberg Aarhus started as a part of the dahlberg group. Our experience goes way back, just as our client portfolio does. Ensure’s qualified employees have extensive experience and possess expert knowledge. Our new organisation has room for differences when it comes to creating good, longstanding client relations and uncompromising customer service.

Our official name, which has been approved by the Danish FSA, is Ensure International Insurance Brokers A/S.