Healthcare Treatment Guarantee Insurance

It’s about taking responsibility. For yourself. And your family.

We are talking about healthcare treatment guarantee insurance. So you are safe in the case of illness or injury. One hopes it will never be needed. And hopefully that hope lasts. But we must look it in the eyes and realize that there is a bigger probability that it will be needed than not. Unfortunately.

With this starting point, many good reasons can be found to get a good healthcare treatment guarantee insurance. The benefits are many. It is about investing in security and health, so illness and missed time at work are minimised to the benefit of both the employee and the business. A lengthy period of illness or injury can have serious financial and social consequences. A healthcare treatment guarantee insurance means that a potential period of illness or injury can be shortened significantly, because fast access to examinations and/or treatments by doctors is possible.

Waiting Time is a Waste of Time

Waiting time is time, which can be used on something better. Healthcare treatment guarantee insurance gives you a shortcut to the specialised help you need. Short periods of illness or injury, and therefore fewer sick days, are to the benefit of the employee, the family, and to the employer. With the right healthcare treatment guarantee insurance and fast access to doctors and specialists, the employee will soon experience a normal daily life. At the same time, the risk of further complications is reduced significantly.

Putting Together the Right Insurance

There are many combination possibilities, and a healthcare treatment guarantee insurance can cover the following, for example:

  • Measures for preventing illness
  • Physical therapy, chiropractic, psychological, and reflexology treatments
  • Co-coverage of partner/spouse and children
  • Follow-up examinations and treatment
  • Rehabilitation

Choose Healthcare Treatment Guarantee Insurance with Ensure

Ensure can advise you in your choice of healthcare treatment guarantee insurance, which will perfectly meet how your business wishes to cover you and your employees’ working capacity in the best way possible. Through individual consultation, together we will find the tailor-made solution that will make your business’ work atmosphere secure and stable – even in the case of illness or accidents. We facilitate the healthcare treatment guarantee insurance. The actual active injury treatment is carried out at the company where the treatment guarantee insurance has been drawn.

Stay Up to Date with Ensure

At Ensure, we work broadly in the entire insurance industry. We keep current, know the market, and keep our focus on creating value for our clients. In doing so, we always ensure we give the best advice about healthcare treatment guarantee insurances. This makes your business’ day-to-day operations better and more effective.

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We hold ongoing status meetings with all of our clients. In this way we are sure that the pension schemes and conditions always conform to the market and are updated.


Learn more about Ensure and the possibilities for drawing a healthcare treatment guarantee insurance that meets the needs of your company.


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