Benchmark & Procurement

It is really simple. Ensure pension wants to make a difference for the client and for the company. A value-creating difference.

How Do We Make Sure that We Really Make a Difference?

Our first step is always making a documentation report of your business. We look at the current pension agreements of the business, and we make a thorough and comprehensive comparison with other alternatives that are found in the market. With this as our starting point, we offer a recommendation for your business: either allowing the pension scheme stay with the existing supplier or switching to another – and for your business – better supplier.

The recommendation is always documented with a detailed comparison of all the financial parameters which are meaningful in order to get the best pension scheme.

The Comparison Contains:

  • Prices for insurance coverages
  • Prices for pension savings, including both the direct and indirect administration fees
  • Your returns
  • An insight to the risks in the products
  • Historical returns

At the same time, we will give your business an overview of which insurance coverages could be combined with your company agreement and not least of which an overview of the terms and conditions of the insurances.

By doing this, we know that we make a difference for the client and for the business. To great value.