Ensure pension

‘Pension Plan’. A term that to most people sounds boring at best and extremely complicated at worse. One imagines long, uninterpretable letters. About something that can wait. Or is it really so important?

Yes, absolutely.

Your pension scheme is vitally important on many parameters. Both on your returns, when you come to leave the labour market and retire. And on your coverages, for example possibly getting injured or becoming ill.

More on Returns or Paying Less in Fees

Ensure pension values helping both private individuals and companies find the best pension solution. For the individual’s benefit.

Our research analysis often ensures the possibility of our pension clients getting several hundred thousand kroner more in their pensions, which is a significant amount for an individual. It is neither boring nor complicated, but worth waiting for. A pension scheme must be the right fit for your business. That is why we cooperate closely with your business, when we tailor-make your pension scheme. We ask about your current situation. We get to know your business. And we come full circle with coverages, insurances and special solutions that your business needs.

We know what we are doing. We have many years’ experience in the area of pensions. We know the pension companies. We follow the market’s development. And we know the trends. All of this experience gives us a unique insight, which is a clear benefit to our clients.

We combine our highly skilled knowledge level with good and understanding advice and service. It is important to us that it makes sense for your business and that it is understandable. And that you can see what you get out of our collaboration.

There are others, who also offer pension schemes. We are known for creating impressive results, built on our skilled knowledge.

Ensure Pension is a Part of the Worldwide Broker Network – WBN

Ensure pension is a part of the Worldwide Broker Network – WBN. It is a worldwide network that offers independent risk management and insurance brokerage globally. Our partnership with WBN ensures the expansion of specialist knowledge at the highest skilled level and at the same time gives our clients direct access to the international insurance industry.

As a part of the Worldwide Broker Network, Ensure is ready to give fully-integrated global service. This is why we can offer advice at a local level in any country that may be relevant for our clients.

‘Pension Plan’. A term that to most people sounds boring at best. But it is of utmost importance. It is actually so important, that it is ok to allow others find the right solution for you.


This is what Ensure Pension guarantees.