Company Pension

A good company pension is important. Both for the individual employee and for the company. A pension scheme is a great way to attract and retain great employees. For employees, a pension means that they are covered by the right insurance coverages. It also means that the right savings plan and the right return on deposits is in place. The company also shows that it is taking care of the individual employee. Both now and in the future. There are many benefits of an obligatory company pension scheme. Prices for insurance coverages become less expensive, and employees receive a bigger savings amount. You will also gain savings in the form of lower administrative expenses and better terms on insurance solutions. And you receive more lenient requirements of providing health information by drawing or increasing coverage.

At Ensure, We Make It Simple

There are many possibilities when considering the best company pension scheme. This is why it can seem complex and extremely difficult to construct the right one. Our overall goal is to make it simple for you and your business, when you need to decide. We do this by considering the needs and wishes that your business has.

A Company Pension Scheme Can Cover:

  • Coverage at the loss of working capacity
  • Resource grant
  • Continued pension contributions
  • Death coverage
  • Critical illness coverage
  • Disability coverage
  • Children’s pension, children’s survivor payment, and more

Pension Solutions on an International Scale

If your business has international branches, employees, or companies overseas, we can offer pension solutions via our international network. We are a part of the international association Worldwide Broker Network (WBN), which is one of the largest actors on the global insurance market. This gives us the unique ability to serve Danish businesses both locally and in more than 100 countries. We advise the individual employee individually on an impartial basis, and give additional perspectives on the following points: Service, advice, social benefits, beneficiaries, counsel in investment opportunities and enlightenment of current tax conditions.

Stay Up to Date with Ensure

We are your collaborative partner when it comes to pensions. This is why it’s important that we ensure that your business always keeps current with the pension industry. Naturally also when it comes to the most recent legalities in the industry.

At Ensure, we hold continuing status meetings with all of our clients. This ensures that the pension agreements and terms are always updated and conform to current industry standards.

Learn more about Ensure and the possibilities of writing a company pension scheme that matches the exact needs of your business.


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