Private Pension

How Do You Get the Maximum out of Your Pension?

It has been our experience that there are often several hundred thousand kroner in earnings potential by saving in the right place. A lot can be gained by finding the right place to save. And how do we do that? We always start with a risk profile analysis. From there, we can discuss which pension products are found on the market that match your risk profile. We can also help you with an assessment of your insurances. Do you have the right coverage if you lose your capability to work or meet an untimely death? Finally we consider if you are saving enough so you can live the retirement of your dreams. We will take a look at your household’s finances, including pension plans, available assets, early retirement, retirement pension, and more.

How Risk Averse are You?

Pension savings are invested into stocks. But it is not without meaning if the pension is invested in government bonds or in stocks from Brazil, for example. Your securities composition has absolute meaning for the expectation you can reasonably have for your future returns. But there is always a component of risk.

For Ensure pension plans, we treat risk by finding the right pension products that fit with the amount of risk that you are willing to bear. The plans will match your wishes and temperament. Products with high risk will give you the largest probable returns. But on the other hand, they are also vulnerable to negative returns, especially in the short run.

Products with a low risk, however, will give more stable and secure returns. But also expectedly lower probable returns over time, compared to the products with a higher risk.

If you choose a lower risk profile, it could end up that the lower probable returns are less than inflation, so that the pension’s value decreases. To find out if you have the right pension scheme, it is of utmost importance to know your tolerance level of ‘risk’. How much are you willing to accept a potential economic loss?

Senior Analysis

If you are close to retirement age, we can also create a structured retirement savings plan. We will give recommendations about when and how your pension should be paid. Several hundred thousand kroner can be saved by doing it right.

If you have a pension annuity, you might have the possibility of avoiding paying the top tax rate and/or equalisation tax by stretching it over several years. Another possibility is avoiding offset in early retirement or retirement pension. Just by simply changing payment intervals on your existing pensions.

You will also receive several suggestions to what will benefit you the most. And you will also get a complete budget, where you can follow your finances throughout all your pension years.

A preliminary meeting about your private pension and insurance solutions is free and without obligation. The goal is that we can help you achieve savings on future fees and furthermore increase your nest egg.

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