May we have your attention, please?

At Ensure we have some important and exciting news on the agenda: From 1 July 2014, Ensure is bigger, stronger and we reach further on a geographical scale

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For a long time we have kept an eye on new trends in the market and built up a clear picture of what we need to do to provide our customers with an even better service, now and in the future. In essence, we need to be adaptable. Not just talk about it. We act, so we can also provide our customers with the best and most ambitious service in the future.


We have made a strategic and well-considered decision: That Ensure will be able to take its customers and business to a whole new level when we stand shoulder to shoulder with another important player in the market. The decision has been carefully considered and is completely in line with current market developments: Competencies must be brought together and used optimally to create the best possible synergy

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that Ensure and HMA-Pensionsmægler A/S have merged and will operate under a single brand: Ensure. Both parties agree on the importance of bringing different competencies together to be able to expand and carry out larger tasks together. The vision going forward under the name Ensure is to be able to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way and at the same time have a substantial international position.

Our customers’ interests and challenges will continue to be in good hands – only now those hands are stronger and together we can solve greater challenges and reach further.


Ensure and HMA-Pensionsmægler A/S will now become a single brand, called Ensure, and we will be one of the largest insurance brokers in Denmark – in fact, the largest Danish-owned insurance brokers in the country. In purely practical terms, this means that Ensure has 20 new colleagues spread across the country and it means we have an important market position and a clearer and stronger profile, and we now have several more dedicated employees. As a customer, you will receive the same high-quality service that you have come to expect and you will still be able to talk with the same, familiar advisors. There will be no changes in that regard. Aarhus will become the head office for property and casualty insurance, while our department in Odense will be responsible for employee benefits insurance.


The merger with our new, talented and competent colleagues from HMA-Pensionsmægler A/S, means that as a single strong profile we can reach further and bring our consultancy services in the different regions closer together. Therefore, we will soon be opening an office in Copenhagen. In addition, the merger delivers a clear economic advantage, because Ensure now becomes an even more visible player with even greater impact and thus we achieve much better conditions for meeting our customers constant demand for improved conditions and rates. We have brought more professional competencies optimally into play and have now more resources – and thus we have a greater ability to negotiate for the major benefit of our customers. We look forward to presenting a bigger and even stronger Ensure.

Sincerely, Ensure