Agriculture and food

Ensure is focused on sustaining value. We know what it means to be responsible for property, large land possessions and farming. Many years of experience within insuring estates and large farms producing food have given our consulting team insight into the importance of flexible and modern insurance solutions targeting manors, estates and large farms producing food.

Meet qualified consulting – Obtain the best insurance
The quality of good consulting within insurance is as important as ever. Ensure qualifies and optimises the expert consulting which is the basis of good insurance. Estates and large farms often have business activities beyond traditional farming and forestry – we have the insight necessary, and we are experts at customising insurance.


Breadth in the insurance product
Ensure’s insurance product for manors, estates and large farms insures buildings, contents, production and liability as well. Our specialist team with extensive experience handles international activities that require insurance to cover beyond national borders. Among other things, Ensure cooperates with leading insurance companies within renewable energy.

Ensure’s consultants within this field possess the most extensive expertise in the market and have experience within:

  • Sickness insurance with consequential loss for all types of animal production: pork, cattle and mink
  • Hail damage on all crops, fruits and vegetables
  • Attractive pool schemes for industrial injury
  • Insurance of expensive competition horses including direct damage but also loss in the form of lost offspring
  • Listed property
  • Farm buildings
  • Farming equipment
  • Consequential loss
  • Production abroad
  • Liability insurance
  • Extension of lines of production
  • Directors’ liability
  • Renewable energy
  • Wind turbine insurance: All risk, consequential loss, insurance of production estimates and project insurance. Offshore, onshore Denmark and abroad.

We create flexible and innovative insurance solutions, which can cover many aspects, and we look forward to being your insurance broker.

Contact us by telephone at: +45 7022 4464 or contact insurance broker Nikolaj Schmidt, directly at: +45 2276 0336 or mail