Insurance of Aquaculture

Through many years Denmark has been in the lead regarding the creation of breeding facilities for different kinds of fish for consumption. Initially and up until now, the main focus has been rainbow trout production. Today, however, the situation is different as many new species have been introduced – i.e. salmon, walleye and the more exotic “Butterfish”.

For many years these facilities have been of a size which meant that they had reasonably adequate water supply available from the rivers in which they were placed. Today these facilities are expanding and the water supply does not come from the rivers alone but from additional drillings while the water is recycled as well.

Insurance of the fish themselves (the biomass) has been available since the 1970’s. A single insurance company – often changing – has offered these policies. Claims history through the years meant that premiums were fairly high. The customers vanished and so did the insurance companies.

Insurance solution
In the beginning of the 90’s a Nordic insurance company started offering reasonable insurance coverage for the biomass. Today a large part of the collective knowledge about “fish insurance” is located at Ensure. This is due to a great relationship with the leading insurance companies in the Nordic region and Lloyd’s of London. We offer tailor-made solutions for any aquaculture facility and thus many companies in Denmark and abroad choose to work with Ensure to gain access to these solutions.

Ensure is also capable of providing coverage for any additional insurance needs the companies in question might have such as compulsory Workmen’s Compensation and combined liability policies (public liability/professional indemnity). During construction of new facilities a Contractor’s All Risk policy is necessary and we offer sensible solutions from the budget phase and onwards.

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