Special Risk

Ensure has extensive experience within special insurance. Our expertise enables us to consult within Danish as well as international relations; we cooperate closely with Worldwide Broker Network, WBN, which is a worldwide network providing independent risk handling and insurance brokerage globally.

We consult all industries in special relations requiring particular insight and special insurance. This might be liability insurance regarding the operations of the company, insurance regarding contractual obligations and special areas requiring individually customised insurance solutions.

Among other things, Ensure offers:

Nikolaj Schmidt // nsc@ensure.dk
Ensure offers insurance of solar power installations on favorable terms through all phases – from construction (Contractor’s All Risk) to normal operation (Photovoltaic insurance). For a long time, Ensure has offered insurance coverage solutions for solar power installations from 400 kW and up. These policies can be established in both Germany and Denmark.
Morten Brøgger // mbr@ensure.dk
Eva Madsen // evm@ensure.dk
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