We at Ensure know that stakes are high when we interact with the world of professional sports.

Professions involving physical activities – such as sports – can result in unexpected injuries and thus it is vital that the relevant insurance coverage is in place. For professional athletes – to whom a severe injury can result in a drastic loss of income or even end a career – adequate insurance coverage is especially significant.

Ensure takes care of athletes
Ensure offers counseling specifically focused on athletes. We provide insurance for a lot of practitioners within the world of sports. Over time we have acquired the necessary knowledge to always find the right solutions. We are generally well versed in the world of sports.

Disability and loss of wages insurance for athletes
Ensure’s disability insurance covers athletes worldwide, around the clock. Ensure offers an insurance limit of up to DKK 6 million. Workers’ compensation coverage is compulsory for employees and we recommend that you set up a consultative meeting with Ensure’s experts in order shed light on all aspects of the situation.

An employee or a club can insure a player’s wages for up to 12 months. Employee or club can choose to insure individuals or a group as a whole. Ensure can provide independent advice in any specific situation.

Stay updated – contact Ensure
We are your trusted insurance partner and thus it is of great importance to us that you get the best possible solutions to reflect your current needs.

Hear more about non-life insurance within the field of sports and the many possibilities Ensure can provide.

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