Trade and industry

Being good at producing and selling is not enough. You also have to be good at taking care of your business. But how do you insure your company in a world that is more changeable than ever? By having the right expertise available. Expertise that can establish the insurance need and provide favourable insurance offers.

We at Ensure have simplified complex insurance covering trade, industry and commerce. Our qualified consultants know the challenges that you and your company are facing. We therefore know how to ask the right questions when we draw up insurance solutions to cover the activities of your company, internally as well as externally.

The fire department can extinguish a fire in your company, but then what? How does the company relate to the outplacement of an employee? What about secondments?

We find the answers together; we find the insurance solution for your company, and then you can focus on running your business.


With Ensure, your company gets:

  • Risk management
  • Security in the global mobility of goods
  • Protection of production facilities and employees
  • Consulting on establishing interests and periods of consequential loss
  • Assessment of liability exposure and contractual relations
  • Transportation insurance with customised coverage
  • Preparation of documentation for the board of directors and management
  • Consulting in claims
  • Tender invitations


Globally insured with Ensure

Global while local – such is today’s world. The world has become smaller within trade and industry, and the need for cooperation across borders is therefore larger. We at Ensure think internationally, and we know that your company often needs solutions with a global vision.

Ensure’s international perspective makes it possible for us to be represented with relevant business partners all over the world. We are part of the global Worldwide Broker Network, and we can therefore offer you and your company the best consulting in just under 90 countries.

Stay updated – contact Ensure

We are your business partner within insurance, and it is therefore important to us to ensure that your company is constantly informed of what is happening in the market and the latest legislation in the area.

Find more information about Ensure and contact us at +45 7022 4464.